Zork Zero: The Revenge of Megaboz (Infocom, 1988)

Zork Zero was the last Zork game to be written and designed by the original Infocom authors and design team. Bearing much in common with its predecessors, Zork Zero is mainly a treasure-hunt game, requiring the player to visit nearly every corner of the empire. Epic and expansive, Zork Zero is very enjoyable, and for the most part does not rely on the graphics in its interface, though a few graphical puzzles (including a Double Fannucci game) use the graphics to good effect. The game's biggest failing lies in so many of its puzzles revolving around copy protection questions instead of legitimate, in-game puzzle solving. Though in the overall timeline of the history of Quendor, Zork Zero seems to have been designed as a conclusion to one of the greatest and most influential of all computer gaming series. It should not be missed by anyone who wants to see how the story of Zork begins and how it ends.

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