Unlimited Adventures (SSI, 1991 or 1992)

Unlimited Adventures was a great idea for a product that didn't quite live up to the expectations set for it. A utility for creating your own games in the Gold Box mode (such as that used in Pool of Radiance and Champions of Krynn), Unlimited Adventures was much more flexible and useful than a similar program released a bit earlier, The Bard's Tale Construction Set. Unfortunately, Unlimited Adventures suffered from a lot of bugs and programming anomalies in its original release, plus the lack of a manual which explicitly detailed the game's numerous functions turned quite a few players off to this. If you enjoy the Gold Box games, though, and think you might like to try creating your own, this product is definitely for you.

There were a lot of games, tools, images, etc. created by people for use with Unlimited Adventures. If you are looking for a site full of files relating to Unlimited Adventures, follow this link to FTP.CSUA.BERKELEY.EDU/PUB/FRUA.

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