Ultima VII, Part II: Serpent Isle (Origin Systems, 1993)

The follow-up to Ultima VII: The Black Gate picks up soon after, with the Avatar, still searching for the elusive Guardian, learning that his quest on Britannia has only just begun. Traveling to the mysterious Serpent's Isle, he must do his best to bring together three disparate cultures ripped apart by the Guardian under the guise of Lord British. Though Ultima VII, Part II has an interesting story with a nice series of interconnecting subplots and quests, it's harder to accept this as an Ultima as it doesn't take place in Britannia and the story has little to do with the Avatar. Though much of the game--including the endgame sequence--is fast-paced and exciting, it is difficult to fully enjoy the game due to a bloody (and quite unneccessary) plot twist near the game's end. While it has a good story, Ultima VII, Part II: Serpent's Isle will probably be difficult to enjoy by all but the most stalwart Ultima fans.

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