Suspect (Infocom, 1984)

Suspect is the third game in Infocom's trilogy of serious mysteries (the others being Deadline and The Witness), but stacks up very well in comparison. The complex storyline and the interesting characters make the game a lot of fun to play as many times as may be required to reach the optimum ending. Suspect does suffer from one major drawback, though--it isn't possible to simply play through it once and complete it using just that information. Rather, you need to learn the timing and locations of certain critical events so that you can be present for them, despite the fact that the story is better served if you are elsewhere. Then, the correct events must be performed in a very strict order for the murderer to be appropriately brought to justice. This imposition on the player is Suspect's only fault, and one that doesn't completely ruin the game--it is a problem, but fortunately one that still allows Suspect to rank as one of computer gaming's most fascinating mysteries.

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