Spellbreaker (Infocom, 1985)

The third and final game in the Enchanter series, Spellbreaker ties the series up completely, yet sets the stage for another game, Beyond Zork. This game is quite amazing in scope, with lots of different locations to explore, many of which must be explored several times (and even in different times!) to complete the game. The story centers around a plot summary that occurs at the beginning, so the story doesn't develop as well as it could, but it does develop enough so that you generally know what your goal is, though achieving the goal is by no means easy. This was Infocom's last Expert-rated game, and deservedly so--there are lots of mind-bending puzzles in this game, with the easiest ones being harder than in most other games. If you enjoy a challenge or have played the other two games in the series, this is a great game to choose.

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