Sorcerian (Sierra On-Line, 1988 or 1989)

A combination role-playing/action game from one of Sierra's subsidiary acquisitions, Sorcerian was moderately interesting. You controlled a party of four characters (made up of fighters, mages, and the like) which you maneuvered through numerous, generally unrelated quests, pretty much just for the sake of doing the quests, as each was given its own story, with nothing relating to the others. The magic system was very fascinating, and extremely unique, bearing no similiarity to any other game's except maybe the Ultima series, with its mixing of reagents. Unfortunately, the magic system was poorly documented, making it almost unusable without a lot of experimentation. Though a far from perfect game in many respects, its unique qualities (such as having time play an important part in the game--your characters actually can get old and die of old age during this game) make it worthy of play if you like role-playing or light action games.

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