Shannara (Legend Entertainment, 1995)

Based on Terry Brooks' popular fantasy series, Shannara is a fairly entertaining adventure game with very similar graphics and production values to Legend's earlier Death Gate. Shannara is a good game, with an interesting story, characters, puzzles, and gameplay. Unfortunately, it is pretty easy, and, like Death Gate, the game is made up of several mostly unconnected sequences, held together with a bit of plot, which doesn't do well to help set Shannara aside from Death Gate, as the comparisons are impossible to avoid. Though not a great game, and though it has several problems, Shannara shows a lot of promise and goes far to demonstrate what Legend could do were they to stretch themselves to the limit, something they should do. You'll most likely enjoy it most if you're a fan of Legend's games or the series of books, but just about everyone would find something to like about this game.

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