The 7th Guest (Trilobyte, 1993)

One of the most highly-trumpeted games of the early 1990s, The 7th Guest was a stunning CD-ROM only cinematic affair, with lots of live actors (who do, unfortunately, leave quite a bit to be desired) and voices that helped establish the plot of the game. The game is little more than a series of unconnected puzzles of varying difficulty, nearly all of which must be solved in order to complete the game. However, the game was designed primarily as a CD-ROM showcase, and while it does have spectacular animation and sound, the game aspect is lacking, and there isn't that much of a story connecting all the individual puzzles together, and what story there is dditionally, culminates in a very confusing endgame. If you don't mind that, this is definitely a good game to use to show off your CD-ROM drive, and test the puzzling section of your brain.

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