Sam and Max Hit the Road (LucasArts, 1993)

Sam and Max Hit the Road is a surprisingly original game, and much different from anything else done by LucasArts. Though it may look and feel and like a Sierra game, and it does have an icon system that resembles Sierra games quite closely, there are few other similarities. The fascinating, complex, and involved plot is the likes of which you will never find in a Sierra game. The writing style is bright and humorous, and the voice actors in the CD-ROM version are some of the best I have yet to hear. Sam and Max is also a fairly long game, with many actions that must be performed, most of which are quite unexpected and creative. Unfortunately, this does lead to the game's main flaw: quite a bit of backtracking is required, and it tends to become tedious after a while. However, that does seem like a minor point in the game, and Sam and Max is definitely worthy of play by anyone.

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