Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire (Sierra On-Line, 1999)

It is generally well known that, after the disappointing sales of Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, the Quest for Glory series was not supposed to continue. But, when a strong showing of loyal fans made it clear they wanted the series to be concluded, Lori and Corey Cole gave us Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire, proving that fans don't always know what they want. Quest for Glory V is a puzzling mess more than anything else; this "action adventure role playing game" is every bit as schizophrenic as its "description" would lead you to believe. Beyond the bland and mostly uninvolving story (combining an escaping dragon with a poorly-implemented competition to determine the next King of Silmaria) as well as the frustrating interface and combat controls (why is it necessary to change the combat system with every game?), there is the completely illogical and ineffective inclusion of many of the major characters from the previous four games. Attempting to bring a sense of completion and closure to the series, this device more amply demonstrates how bereft of ideas--and of hope--the Quest for Glory series had become. Even with the two-icon modern-day Sierra system of "interaction," as well as a few improvements in graphics technology and engine from the previous game, Quest for Glory V is a bad game, and a truly unfortunate conclusion to what was once a truly great series.

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