Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness (Sierra On-Line, 1993)

Quest for Glory IV marked only a slight improvement over Quest for Glory III: Wages of War in terms of length and story, but was a significant step backward in nearly every other respect. One of the most bug-ridden titles Sierra ever released, Quest for Glory IV was completely unplayable in its original release, with only moderate improvements made to it thereafter. Aside from these technical problems, the game is generally very boring, and mostly a retread of other, better thought-out ideas from earlier in the series. Attempting to tie the stories of the last two games together, the game succeeds mostly at being an incomprehensible mish-mash of ideas and story threads, none of which work in the game's favor. Even the graphics and sound in the game feel primitive and thrown-together; the most significant feeling they evoke is that setting the game in a composite of Russia and Transylvania was not the best way to go. Quest for Glory IV suffers most, however, from the impossible comparisons it must live up to. If the game credits did not insist otherwise, it would be impossible to tell that this buggy, unenjoyable game was written by the same people who were responsible for the first two games in the series.

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