Quest for Glory III: Wages of War (Sierra On-Line, 1992)

When Sierra switched to an all-icon form of interface with King's Quest V, most of Sierra's series took turns for the worse. The once venerable Quest for Glory series proved to be no exception. While, in general, it fared better than most (its conversation tree system was the biggest loser), Quest for Glory III is a very weak title, and not at all in line with the previous two games in the series. While the plot is mildly interesting, it has very little to do with the game itself, and contributes little to the overall gaming experience. Certain plot twists occur for no discernable reason, and most of the characters contribute little to the atmosphere of the game. The most unforgivable element of this game is its non-existent ending, which exists solely to advertise the fourth game in the series. Had the game leading up to the ending been fun or non-frustrating, this could perhaps be forgiven. But the lack of humor and the spark of life that made the previous two games in the series so good cause this game to suffer under its own weight. Luckily, the suffering doesn't last long, as this is one of Sierra's shortest-ever games. The worst game in the series, even long-time fans will find little glory in Wages of War.

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