Planetfall (Infocom, 1983)

Planetfall is the first, and really only, easy science fiction game designed for Infocom with normal people and children in mind. Planetfall did have a few points of interest, including a few fascinating technological puzzles and an original language designed just for the game. Unfortunately, the biggest feature of the game, which to my mind was also the biggest liability, was the presence of your robot companion named Floyd. Though very popular, and one of Infocom's most adored characters, he was, unfortunately, the main focus of too much that happened in the game. He serves little use in the game beyond being just the friendly sidekick of the good-natured hero. However, he will definitely appeal to children which, at times, seems Planetfall's target audience. Though certain no heavy-duty mental challenge, if you are looking for a somewhat interesting science-fiction game, and have a fair amount of patience, Planetfall might just be worth your time.

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