Police Quest: SWAT (Sierra On-Line, 1995)

Daryl Gates managed to redeem himself with Police Quest: SWAT after his dismal first attempt at computer game designing with Police Quest IV: Open Season. Unlike that game, Police Quest: SWAT doesn't purport to be an adventure game, but rather a "tactical simulation," at which it succeeds very well. Though a radical departure for the series, the game does manage to be interesting, though a plot might have helped bring focus to the game--it tends to get considerably bogged down in SWAT procedure. In addition, there is a lot of reading required within the game itself, which the game is never able to explain, resulting in a choppy feel to certain segments. Despite all that, however, if you are interested in police work and law enforcement, this game gives you the real thing in a way very few other games--even the others in the Police Quest series--have managed to do before.

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