Neuromancer (Interplay, 1988)

Based on William Gibson's novel of the same name, Neuromancer is an engrossing and highly entertaining adventure/pseudo-CRPG hybrid set in the technologically advanced future. As a "cyberspace cowboy" exploring the Matrix (the vast expanse connecting computers and networks throughout the world), you must attempt to discover what is happening to your friends, fellow cowboys who have been vanishing as of late. Though there is some degree of typical conversation and event-oriented situations, the game's story generally unfolds in a unique way, through bulletin board messages rather than dialogue. This technique allows the game to maintain its unusual, dark atmosphere from beginning to end in a way very few other computer games have ever succeeded. Combat, such as it exists in the game, is also refreshingly different, entailing running computer programs to "damage" opposing computer security programs as you attempt to gain access to them. Truly a game like no other, Neuromancer remains a must-play title for any fan of the adventure or CRPG genres.

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