Myst (Broderbund Software, 1993)

Broderbund's answer to Trilobyte's The 7th Guest, Myst is a CD-ROM only game that takes place in an elegantly detailed world, spanning several different times. Though the graphics are very nice and have a good style to them, the pace of the game is, for the most part, almost unbearably slow, and there is only a threadbare story to hold the various parts of the game together. Puzzles are, for the most part, extremely vague, and not at all intuitive, sometimes becoming esoteric to the point of frustration. There is practically no character interaction, as you can't communicate with any of the few characters you meet in the game. If you are extremely patient, and don't mind pretty graphics with little behind them in terms of a game, Myst will probably be a good game for you. Otherwise, pass it by, as it has little to offer the novice or veteran gamer.

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