Moonmist (Infocom, 1986)

One of Infocom's last mysteries, Moonmistis an introductory-level game that is a combination mystery/treasure-hunt, though neither portion is as strong as it would have been had they devoted an entire game to it. There is also no plot as such--the game focuses only on finding a treasure and learning the identity of a ghost. The somewhat standard story was, however, augmented by the programming--based on one choice at the beginning of the game, the game can diverge into four paths, each of which has a completely different ghost and treasure. This game is thus quite replayable and it is interesting to see how the story is told in four different ways. However, because of the story and the characterizations, neither of which measures up to previous Infocom games, Moonmist can't be considered one of Infocom's finer or more distinguished mysteries. However, the game is still well-suited to children, or for those not particularly familiar with interactive fiction, and what it truly has to offer.

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