Magic Carpet (Bullfrog Productions, 1994)

With high resolution graphics and other intensive system requirements, Magic Carpet is one game not everyone will be able to play. Stretching the capabilities of even fully decked-out computers to their very limits, Magic Carpet is an enjoyable arcade game with a very simple premise. Unfortunately, the premise is practically all that is simple about Magic Carpet--the gameplay, which requires a combination of the mouse and keyboard, leaves quite a bit to be desired in some respects. The carpet can often be difficult to control, as can the enormous body of magic spells at your disposal. In addition, the game becomes very hard very quickly, almost too much so--training or practice levels, or even a more gradual building of difficulty would have been a much better idea than simply throwing the player, possibly new, into such a demanding and difficult fray. With these exceptions, however, Magic Carpet is a fast-paced and fascinating game that you should no doubt look into, if you and your computer can handle it.

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