The Magic Candle (Mindcraft, 1989)

Though physically it resembles many of the other CRPGs of its day, The Magic Candle possesses numerous innovations that makes it almost unique in the role-playing game genre. The story is very involved and complex, with a large number of quests requiring lots of communication with dozens of characters spread out over a very large world, yet the game is decidedly non-linear, allowing for much experimentation and exploration. The atmosphere is further enchanced by several languages in the game that the player must learn and use. The endgame sequence, which is non-violent and unlike any other seen in a CRPG, is fantastic, and completely in-line with the rest of the game. Though difficult to find these days, The Magic Candle remains a classic CRPG that stands up very well, and is worthy of play and discovery by all those who will appreciate a unique and colorful challenge.

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