Manhunter: New York (Sierra On-Line, 1988)

Another Sierra AGI game with a no-typing interface, Manhunter: New York told a quasi-science-fiction story about a future where orb-shaped aliens had taken over the world and killed, enslaved, or hypnotized the populace. Given the scale of most of Sierra's other early games, this one is epic--it covers most of New York (and lots of important famous landmarks) during four days, but presents it in a very interesting and unusual post-apocolyptic way. There are a few places where the game gets tired quickly (the mazes and other such places especially), but it generally picks up with more action soon afterwards. Possibly the biggest sore point is the ending which could force you to replay nearly a quarter of the game unless you did something only barely obvious earlier. Other than that, this is a good, although somewhat gory game.

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