Loom (LucasFilm Games, 1989)

How could any game with a spectacular original story and a rich atmosphere not succeed at being a hit? Unfortunately, it happens often in the computer gaming industry, and Loom was one such casualty. There was a lot to like about it, with graphics and sound that seemed several years ahead of their time in terms of technology. And the writing and concept of Loom rank against some of the best of the animated adventures in the Sierra/LucasFilm style. Unfortunately, it was far too easy, and suffered from a practically idiot-proof interface that involved no typing, and only a moderate amount of character interaction. But even with a story for adults and an interface designed for children, Loom had a difficult time finding an audience. If, however, you get the chance to play this game, you should not pass it by; it is spectacularly well-done and very entertaining for a game that is far too easy and over much too soon.

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