Lighthouse (Sierra On-Line, 1996)

Little more than Myst meets The 7th Guest, Lighthouse has none of the redeeming qualities of either, and has several problems all its own. The graphics, which appear to be an attempt at stylization like those in Myst, seem out of place and lifeless. The puzzles are overly simplistic and generic and seem to have very little to do with the game. To make matters worse, the game seems to be little more than an unending series of mouse clicks--the exact pixel or portion of the screen must be found in order to do what must be done. Unfortunately, since you seldom know what that is, or have any control over what happens afterwards, there is very little excitement to the game, or even really a reason to play it. Therefore, unless you are in desperate need of a generic Myst clone, you should look further than Lighthouse.

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