Les Manley in: The Search for the King (Accolade, 1990)

Les Manley in: The Search for the King was one of Accolade's few adventure games of the early 1990s, and it wasn't all that great. While there was some good music and a few tricky puzzles, the game was basically a treasure hunt, with no goal given until much too late in the game, though you warned if you left an area before you had everything you needed there (unfortunately, you were warned AFTER, without being able to go back). The plot was also somewhat interesting, but it stereotypes rock fans (the King of the title is not royalty, but a rock star very much like Elvis Presley) in unflattering ways, and the winning action is rather a letdown, given what happens during the game. The Search for the King isn't really worth attention, though the cute graphics and sound help it a bit.

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