King's Quest III: To Heir is Human (Sierra On-Line, 1986)

A very different game from the others in the series, in King's Quest III, you no longer portray King Graham, but a slave named Gwydion. The plot in this game develops as the game continues (a big departure for the King's Quest series), but overall it is still rather shoddy. In a game different exclusively because of its different plot from the previous King's Quests, it really should have been better. Still, it is a good game, and a good departure for Roberta Williams and the series. This game also deals more with real magic than the previous entries, as magic spells and a magic map play integral parts in the game. As the series is supposed to be fantasy, the addition of magic improves the believability of this being a place other than the Earth we know. Much better graphics and use of sound than the first two games is evident here, and it holds up very well today as an interesting and somewhat challenging quest.

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