Hoyle's Book of Games (Sierra On-Line, 1989)

Hoyle's Book of Games was a departure for Sierra, using their improved graphics and sound not for an adventure game, but instead for a set of card games. This program contained many different card games that could be played, including hearts, cribbage, gin rummy, solitaire, crazy 8s, and more. What made this program special and unique, however, was that you could play these games with characters from some of Sierra's famous adventure games, such as King Graham or Rosella from the King's Quest series, Sonny Bonds from the Police Quest games, or Roger Wilco from Space Quest III. They played according to their own personalities, and, if you took too long deciding how to play, they would begin talking, commenting on the game, using their own personalities. That addition made Hoyle's Book of Games extremely fun to play and replay, in what was already a good card game program.

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