Superhero League of Hoboken (Legend Entertainment, 1994)

Steve Meretzky's first foray into the world of adventure/role-playing game hybrids, Superhero League of Hoboken demonstrates the creativity and invention that made him famous, but doesn't entirely succeed on all levels. In the post-apocalyptic future, you play The Crimson Tape, leader of the Superhero League of Hoboken. The various heroes in the league--who possess such varied powers as the ability to see inside closed pizza boxes, the power to raise the cholesterol level of enemies, or refold road maps--are charged with the mission of defeating the chaotic Dr. Entropy and ridding the New York vicinity of the mutations and monsters which have come to inhabit it. The game has some good humor, music, and voice work, but is ultimately unsatisfying--while the combat and role-playing elements are well-focused, the adventure game portions of the game are mostly simplistic and weak, involving little more than simply finding items in out-of-the way (but not difficult to locate) places. If you are a fan of Steve Meretzky, or simply want a funny and unusual adventure/CRPG hybrid which won't cause you to lose sleep or brain cells, Superhero League of Hoboken is for you.

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