Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (Sierra On-Line, 1995)

Though similarly dark, and retaining its two lead characters, The Beast Within differs from Gabriel Knight: The Sins of the Fathers in several ways. There is full-motion video, live actors, and a very cinematic feel to the game. Though the game is quite linear, it is by no means a lightweight adventure. It is involved, complex, and sometimes frustrating, with two controllable characters covering an expansive area with lots of investigation and communication required. Some of the puzzles, dialogue, and situations are a little silly, and seem out of place in this environment, which is much more like that of a movie than an adventure game. Despite these minor flaws, however, I believe just about anyone would enjoy this game, except for some who might find its occasional moments of violence and gore, as integrated with the plot as they may be, objectionable. Achieving what precious few follow-ups can, The Beast Within succeeds both as a sequel and a stand-alone game.

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