Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (Sierra On-Line, 1993)

Actually one of Sierra's better icon games (though that still isn't saying much), Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is an unusual game which combines elements from the Manhunter and Police Quest series. Telling a very dark and strange story dealing mostly with voodoo in modern-day New Orleans, Gabriel Knight is fairly challenging, but also somewhat frustrating and annoying: events must be done precisely and in a certain order before the game may advance (you are not, however, given any indication what this order should be). The game covers a large area, including New Orleans, Germany, and Africa, although, given the scope of the game (brought out through a well thought-out and developing plot, the game's brightest point), there are few places to really go in any of those areas. The ending is also considerably weak and not very interesting, and several inane and predictable plot twists mar the game in several ways. Nonetheless, a slightly improved icon system and a good story (very complicated though--take lots of notes) make this a worthwhile game to play if you don't mind occasional frustration.

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