Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist (Sierra On-Line, 1993)

Designed by Al Lowe, the designer of the Leisure Suit Larry series, this game shows that he is past his prime as a designer and humorist even more than the last two games in that series. This game desperately tries to get humor out of the non-existent story of the Wild West, but fails miserably as it resorts to stupid cliches and cartoon tricks which do not make for an interesting game at all. The situations and characters in this game, which seem often stereotypical, do not provide good humor, as they are played far too seriously. When comedy is played straight, it's usually much funnier than if it is played for laughs, but when unfunny comedy is presented in such a way that you see no reason to believe its presenters felt it funny, there is a problem, and that is the problem prevalent with the "humor" in Freddy Pharkas. A very disappointing, unentertaining, and far too easy game, Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharacist should be avoided.

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