Fooblitzky (Infocom, 1986 or so)

Infocom's first (and only) foray into the world of computerized board games, Fooblitzy didn't sell well and really wasn't that well-received, primarily because Infocom was so incredibly well-known for their adventure games, and it didn't seem like there was room for such a different type of release from Infocom. Judged strictly on its own terms, however, Fooblitzky wasn't that bad--it was quite original, combining the best elements of several famous board games into a seamless whole. The object of the game--to collect four objects before the other players--was relatively complicated, and not as easy as it appeared at first sight. If you can find this game today, it's worth playing, even though it is radically different from anything else ever done by Infocom, and not up to their usual standards.

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