Might and Magic: Darkside of Xeen (New World Computing, 1993)

The importance of Darkside of Xeen as the final chapter of the story that began in the first game in the Might and Magic series is mostly overshadowed by its spiritual kinship to Clouds of Xeen. Though identical in terms of interface and construction, the numerous improvements in Darkside of Xeen make it even more worthy of play than its predecessor. It possesses a much more distinct and unusual graphic look, has a greater variety of quests and dungeon areas, cranks up the difficulty level quite a bit, and provides a more satisfying ending. In addition to having a much more interesting (and well-developing) story on its own, installing Darkside of Xeen with Clouds of Xeen results in World of Xeen, which ties up the story threads in this game quite nicely, and makes finishing it even more satisfying. All around a better and more well-rounded game than its predecessor, it is still best to play both games in order so that the story's full effect--and its maximum enjoyment--is obtained.

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