Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail (Sierra On-Line, 1989 or 1990)

Though not one of their better games, Conquests of Camleot: The Search for the Grail remains one of Sierra's most distinct titles. As King Arthur, your quest is to search Camelot and beyond for the Holy Grail and three Round Table knights who have already disappeared while trying to uncover it. With a lot of color and historical flavor, Conquests of Camelot demonstrates excellent production values. Unfortunately, its puzzles don't fare as well--far too many of them revolve around copy protection, and are very poorly integrated into the rest of the game. The ones that aren't copy protection-driven are either too simplistic or needlessly abstract. For the exceptional production values and mostly intriguing story, though, Conquests of Camelot is a commendable game. If you can put up with the overly-extensive copy protection, you'll probably enjoy this game.

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