The Colonel's Bequest (Sierra, 1989)

Sierra's first mystery adventure since Mystery House, The Colonel's Bequest displayed their good use of the time's graphic and sound technology, but did nothing to establish Roberta Williams as the good writer Sierra would have you believe she is. There was a good deal of character character development among the game's participants which could have made a good mystery game had it been necessary to deduce the murder. Unfortunately, it was not. The murderer dies at the end, leaving you with a silly and senseless choice to make that Roberta Williams determined was either wrong or right, but for which no real evidence exists to help you decide one way or another. An unfortunate second first attempt by Roberta Williams to break into the mystery game genre, if you enjoy mysteries, it would be better to look into the ones by Infocom, as they are treated more seriously and believably than this.

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