Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen (New World Computing, 1992)

The fourth game in the Might and Magic series, Clouds of Xeen is, for the most part, a very straightfoward role-playing game. Its monsters, mini-quests, and dungeons are all pretty much par for the course--there is very little in the game to distinguish it from many other generic RPGs, other than its cartoonish style of graphics which, although they occasionally seem inappropriate, work fairly well with the game. The plot, which is on the thin side, tends to get lost in the shuffle all too easily, and becomes interesting primarily when your party must undertake the construction of a castle, a plot element very unusal in many CRPGs. The game's flaws are mostly remedied, however, when Darkside of Xeen is also installed, allowing the resulting World of Xeen to make up for the game's otherwise significant loss of direction and somewhat lackluster ending.

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