Civilization II: Test of Time (Microprose, 1999)

While on the surface it would appear to be little more than a souped-up version of Civilization II, Civilization II: Test of Time is actually much more. While its graphics and sound have been upgraded over the originals, Test of Time also adds four completely new types of games to play using the Civilization II engine. As if the opportunities to play an extended version of the original game, a fantasy version, a science-fiction variation, and a mini-adventure scenario (set in the fantasy realm) were not enough, the engine is expanded to allow you to play on multiple stacked maps simultaneously. Having to keep track of two or more civilizations at the same time presents and interesting added challenge to the game. While Test of Time may not have the same magical feeling that its predecessor had, it is still extremely entertaining and a must-have for fans of any of the games in the Civilization series.

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