Bureaucracy (Infocom, 1987)

Though not Infocom's inately hardest game, Bureaucracy is mind-wracking and unduly annoying. However, it is one Infocom's most entertaining and distinct adventures, being quite different from anything else ever done by Infocom or other companies. (In fact, it resembles the kind of freeware Inform games that came into being after Infocom's demise more than it resembles a typical Infocom adventure.) The entire story focuses on filing a change of address form (seriously!), but the amount of complicated things you must go through to achieve that goal, and how incredibly annoying they are cannot be adequately conveyed into words. Because of the type of challenge this game posseses, a blood pressure guage is included in the status line, which measures how much stress your character is under, and this can kill you if it gets too high. If you don't mind being challenged in a way you never have been before by an adventure game or cutting through tons of red tape, this is a great game for you.

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