Afterlife (LucasArts, 1996)

It is always a shame when a game with a very colorful, unusual, and inventive premise doesn't live up to its potential. Afterlife is such a game. Playing a deity who must manage both Heaven and Hell at the same time should have been nearly as entertaining and replayable as SimCity, a game on which Afterlife was very closely modeled. But the original SimCity had two things that Afterlife doesn't: A strong cohesion of ideas and an easily understandble simulation model. Thanks to an ineffective manual and very poorly implemented in-game help system, Afterlife is almost impossible to begin effectively, and often feels as though the authors wanted to put in everything they could possibly think of. These two problems make Afterlife confusing, frustrating, and usually boring. One of LucasArts' weakest-ever efforts, pass Afterlife by, and use your time and money to either play one of their better adventure games, or play one of the stronger, more cohesive games in SimCity series instead.

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