The 11th Hour: The Sequel to The 7th Guest (Virgin/Trilobyte, 1995)

As the game's subtitle makes abundantly clear, The 11th Hour is a direct sequel to The 7th Guest, and bears a great deal in common with its predecessor. With an almost identical engine, very similar graphics, and many extremely familiar puzzles (several of which, with the exception of graphics, are the same as some found in The 7th Guest), very little seems new in The 11th Hour. What it has that its predecessor didn't, though, is an easier-to-follow plot, though it is still almost completely independent of the actions you take in the game. This, along with the many unconnected locations and the difficult and time-consuming navigation that often must occur between them, make The 11th Hour slow-paced, and often very frustrating. If you enjoyed The 7th Guest, you might enjoy seeing the story continued in The 11th Hour. If you didn't play it (or enjoy it), more than likely, you won't have the patience to put up with this game.

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