Notes About My Computer Game Reviews

  1. Important Note (8/31/2001): As of right now, not all of the game reviews correctly reference the review list page. Because of the sheer number of reviews, and their format, this will take a while to fix, but is being taken care of. For now, please just use the Back button/function in your browser to move through the reviews. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.
  2. I am not affiliated in any way with any of the companies whose games I have reviewed, nor have I been endorsed or remunerated by said companies for said reviews. The reviews you read in this section have all been written completely by me, and represent only my own personal, unbiased opinions, formed solely by playing, and applying critical thought toward, the games in question. Hence, if you are looking for glowing reviews of certain games, I recommend looking elsewhere. Some games have very positive reviews and some do have very negative reviews. The reviews are based on the quality of the game as I see it, not on company loyalty. If you object to this, please return to the top page.
  3. I glady welcome any and all comments about the content of my computer game reviews. But please do not assume that merely because I enjoy playing computer games that I am in the business of selling them. I am not. I will not sell or provide games to any visitor of this page, via legal or illegal means, for any reason. If you are interested in locating older games, the Internet has many excellent resources available, and you would do much better to avail yourself of them. I cannot and will not send anyone pirated versions of games for any reason, and all requests to do so will be ignored.
  4. An historical note: These reviews found their genesis back in the early 1990s. As an early member of the original Prodigy (which was an online service as opposed to the Internet gateway it is now), I desired a way to quickly and easily explain my thoughts about the many games I had played up until that point. So, I created the reviews with the intention of posting them whenever someone asked about a specific game. Well, that never really ended up happening, and the reviews sat in a file on my hard drive--only occasionally being looked at, added to, and revised--until I started college in the fall of 1994 and was granted web space. That proved to be the ideal way to present these reviews, and has been their primary home ever since. Because of this, it is impossible to accurately date the reviews--most have gone through substantial rewriting and rethinking as my perspective and critical faculties have changed. But if you see a review of an older game that strikes you as particularly anachronistic, it most likely is.

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